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Democrats - Daunted For 2012


Democrats in much of the nation now face extremely daunting prospects - in light of the 2010 Midterm Elections debacle - as the race for the White House, and full control of Congress, begins in earnest for the 2012 Campaign.

The loss of well over 60 seats in the House of Representatives - and the near loss of control of the Senate - was compounded by many losses in governor's races across a band of vital states, particularly Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The inability of Obama to keep touch - and faith - with his base of youth, minorities, the middle class and working people led to the double blows of youth and minority apathy and the middle class and working people voting against Democrats - on every level, nationally.

Energised opposition is now preparing to regain the Senate in 2012, a virtual absolute certainly given the composition of seats that are open to change. The new House majority is certain to hold - at least through the next cycle in 2012 - and so the goal of gaining control of both houses of Congress will have been very easily achieved. 

While Speaker Of The House - and soon to be Minority Leader - Nancy Pelosi has done a magnificent job in presiding over some of the most significant gains in progressive legislation to be achieved in modern American history, the overall tone of government between now and 2012 will be that of gridlock and regression.

The final goal now becomes the White House. The opposition has several vibrant , charismatic candidates who are rapidly gathering momentum from the ignorance, fear, anger, frustration and seriously hard times being endured by millions throughout the country.

The photos of Obama's very grim face on the day after the midterms may well be the harbinger of very trying days to come for Democrats - and the signal of flaming red flags for 2012.  


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