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Democrats Rally In Midterm Races


Democrats - candidates and voters alike - are beginning to rally in the final weeks before the midterm elections.

A down the stretch gathering of Progressives was held in Washington on the first weekend of October, with a massive Political Event  hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert - bus rides from NYC to DC contributed by Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post - set for the end of the month. The huge Events are answers to those held by Tea Party and other conservative activists over the summer.

Major states - New York ( Sen. Schumer a 20+ point shoo-in / Sen. Gillibrand still holding a double digit lead), California ( former Gov. Jerry Brown, who has also served as Mayor of Oakland and is now the state's Attorney General, leads in his bid to regain the Governor's seat / Sen Barbara Boxer is adding to her lead in her race to stay in the U.S. Senate ) , Texas ( Houston Mayor Bill White is close to taking the Governor's race ) and Connecticut ( Attorney General Richard Blumenthal leads for Senate / Dan Malloy is heading towards a lock for Governor ) are all trending Democratic in key races at the top of the ticket.

Democrats now seem assured of maintaining their majority in the Senate. Delaware became the biggest pleasant surprise for the Party, with Chris Coons virtually assured of victory after Tea Party extremists hijacked the Republican Primary, upsetting Mike Castle - a beloved institution in the state who was absolutely guaranteed to win in November. The seat had been held by Joe Biden, who was elected as Vice President.

While midterm elections always result in considerable turnover of House seats, Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi  has just issued a call to Democrats :  "Go for it... Challenge the practices of big insurance, big oil, big banks and the rest... Our members feel very good about doing that..."

President Obama will be back in the mode that got him elected, hosting huge rallies and visiting with families in key competitive states to energise the Democratic base. He is out to encourage the youth and minorities who rose up in a wave to back him that they must recognise the vital importance of every vote and turn out now to support Democratic candidates in the midterms. 

Almost all races traditionally tighten up in the final weeks and days as voters face the reality of the impact of how they make their decisions. 

The Presidential race begins the morning after the midterm results come in, and their message becomes clear. 

This year's midterm elections are an electrifying milepost on The Road To The White House in 2012.




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