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Ines Sainz / New York Jets - Drawing The Line


The uproar ensuing from some "frat boy" behaviour in the direction of TV Azteca / Mexico "reporter" Ines Saintz - who arrived at a New York Jets workout in highly provocative, ultra-tight shirt and jeans -  is totally unacceptable, but does exist in a context.

True advocates of Women's Rights - women and men - who have fought for countless years to establish and maintain equality for women across the widest arc of life, in America and around the world, can only express dismay at both the actions of a group of wired up athletes and the mindlessness of a woman who posts extremely revealing pictures of herself as a bikini model for all the world to view and then purports to be a serious professional journalist.

Ms. Saintz is a graduate of the "Have it both ways..." school that has - most unfortunately - come to rise up among certain contemporary women. Playing off of physicality - but demanding equal rights - she makes her way into a coveted position for which she is clearly unqualified (she did not know which of the 2 New York teams - it was the Giants - was playing in a very recent Super Bowl to which she had been assigned) and then acts in a shallow and unprofessional manner in covering a story. Gathering a response of leers and vast publicity only adds to the damage done to the credibility of hard-working professional women - in all fields of endeavour - and is a blow to the dreams and aspirations of girls and young women as well.

The perpetuation of women as "sex objects" is compounded by the endless barrage of images of girls and women in "hot" scenes and situations in films, videos and television series, accompanied by acts of violence and degradation against them. The "Sports Illustrated" so called "Swimsuit Issue" is - quite simply - soft pornography that reduces women to 2 dimensional fantasy figures for an ever-increasing audience of displaced, sexually frustrated boys and "men."  The annual outcry against such outrageous exploitation of women always goes unanswered, and the physical and psychological abuse persists. (The harder core, ongoing magazines and other media are their own awful statements, and will not be given further recognition or discussion by Flower Power Creative as to their continuation in any manner or degree.)

The radical slogan "You are part of the solution or part of the problem..." certainly applies to the behaviour of Ines Saints and those like her.

Must there be - will there be - an incident so manifestly off the scale that there will finally be a thorough and serious discussion about how seriously overdue the change in outlook towards women - in all aspects of daily life - has now become ?

While those committed to Human Rights, and Women's Rights, carry on the message - and continue to press for change - the solution to such circumstances as those described here will only arise with a much greater awareness of the dignity and freedom of all people, no matter what their station in life. It will take vastly enhanced development of the potential of the myriad aspects of communication and creative expression that have come to exist in the modern world for people to attain their birthright.


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