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Lunar Delight / Live Stream Of The Total Eclipse


The Total Eclipse of The Moon was an awesome Cosmic Colour Show, made all the more enjoyable - and accessible - on a very cold night, via NASA's Live Stream of the progress and series of changes taking place over a number of hours.

The Total Eclipse was made especially striking by the fact that the night sky was very brightly illuminated by a Full Moon when the Eclipse began to manifest, past midnight in the Eastern United States.

The slow, steady shadowing of The Moon made for a fascinating Light Show. After 2- A.M. ( ET ), the surface of The Moon began to fade into a copper-coloured resonance. The Eclipse gathered considerable momentum as it approached Totality, around 2:45 A.M. ( ET ).

Totality presented the merest sliver of what had been the fullest of moons - exuding a reddish sheen, but otherwise completely darkened in a marvelously clear night sky.

NASA deserves the highest possible praise for providing an excellent running Live Stream of the Total Eclipse, from its start and all the way through to Full Totality. The images were a tremendous service for those subject to the very cold - if clear - weather in much of the arc of the Eclipse, and was absolute salvation for those people who wanted to savour the Eclipse experience, but found themselves in areas of fog and / or rain.

A very nice extra touch in Eclipse coverage was the steady flow of comments from people in the widest variety of locations. Taking in different impressions and experiences greatly added to the sense of enjoyment and perspective in experiencing the Eclipse.  

While a Solar Eclipse runs for only 7 minutes or so - and should be viewed with special protection for the eyes - a Total Eclipse lasts for several hours, and can be greatly enjoyed by simply looking up or using a telescope or binoculars.

The Total Eclipse of The Moon is a fabulous phenomenon - a great way to enjoy, and learn more about, our Celestial Neighbours.      


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