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Rock - And Scan - The Vote / NYC Meets The 21st Century


Voting can run in the blood, and a new technology to make the experience easier and even more fun is good for democracy's circulation.

It was in 1960 - the year that I met John F. Kennedy when my father was co-chairman of JFK's Presidential campaign in New York -  that the city introduced the Shoup 3.2 lever Voting Machine, which was a faithful friend and servant in every election - until today.

The new, 21st century technology for voting finally reached New York City, one of the last places to embrace scanned votes.

A Ballot Sheet and Privacy Envelope replace the steel giants, curtains and levers that had set the scene for 50 years. Stand in the little Voting Kiosk, fill in your choices and then place your sheet back in the Privacy Envelope before your stroll over to the Scanning Station.

At the Scanning Station, your guide ensures that you enter your Ballot Sheet face up to register and count your vote. The wheel on the Scanner screen spins around and around - long enough to display the process in progress. In a few blinks, the wheel stops and a message comes up on the screen to confirm that you are a successful voter.

It's always a great feeling to be a part of positive change, to make your thoughts and feelings count - literally - and to honour the courage and sacrifice of those who have defended democracy and freedom, in which voting stands as the voice of the people.

Scanned voting is another marvelous example of how humanistic technology frees people, improves the quality of life and proves that skill and clarity make everyone a winner in many facets of living. 




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