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The Peabody Ducks Inspire Love Of Wildlife


The legendary Peabody Ducks are beloved - and world renowned - for their fabulous March Of The Ducks to and from the Lobby of the iconic Peabody Hotel in Memphis. The beautiful family of 5 ducks are loving friends who also serve as powerful allies in sending a message to raise the level of Environmental Awareness.

It's sensational to watch the Lobby fill with people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities as they come together in electric anticipation of The March Of The Ducks. As the Ducks stride out of the elevator and onto their red carpet, accompanied by the Duckmaster and his Queen, laughter and cheers compliment the Ducks as they quack. The Ducks ascend the steps of the fountain and dive in, to wild applause.

The remarkable Duck Ceremony (Lobby arrival at 11- / back up to their Penthouse at 5-) goes back to 1932, starting as a practical joke that - by 1940, with proper training - established the Ducks as cherished symbols of wildlife all over the world.

Today, The Peabody's Duck Motif is incorporated in all global promotional and informational materials. It is a marvel - and still all too rare - to witness the fusion of the adorable and beautiful with practical and commercial elements.

The broader message conveyed by The Peabody Ducks is that humankind can live with, appreciate and love the gentle creatures with whom we share the planet.

The triumph of The Peabody - and The Ducks - is that visitors integrate the hospitality and grace that make the south so special with a heightened awareness of the need to share the Earth wisely and well.

Crusading organisations such as Audubon and Cornell Ornithology work constantly to protect, preserve and restore habitats and wetlands for our winged neighbours. The Cousteau Society, The Environmental Defence Fund and Clean Air And Water act on behalf of the oceans and their tributaries. The World Wildlife Fund strives for the integrity of species and their spaces globally, and The Rainforest Action Network does heroic work in those places. In the San Francisco Bay area, the Marine Mammal Centre - based in Sausalito - are guardians of seals, turtles, other sea creatures, beaches and their surroundings.

May the great tradition of The Peabody Ducks - now nearing 80 years - serve as the foundation for years and years of great progress in, and heightened awareness of, the value of the environment in the quality of life.    




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