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Women Power Home Purchasing Wave - Rising Tide of New Freedom


Further proof of the astonishing - and long overdue - socio-economic progress by young, single contemporary American women is expressed in a recently released RE/MAX of New England Report on home purchasing power.

Reflecting national trends, the Report declares : "With more purchasing power than ever before, single female buyers outpaced single males by more than 2:1 (2009) in purchasing homes as first-time or move-up buyers."

The rising tide of young, single women pursuing higher education - followed by successful careers - in such widely diverse fields as Law, Medicine, Mass Media, New Media, Cuisine, Public Relations / Promotions, Corporate Leadership and as Entrepreneurs has contributed mightily to their dramatically expanding wave of home purchases.

Real Estate Representatives observe that young, single women are "...On line, pre-qualified and approved..." as they prepare to buy.

While women remain, on average, at 77 cents to the dollar earned by men - after years of striving for equality in pay - sales to young, single women are often averaging in the range of $230,000 to $1,000,000 +.

Gen X buyers, those 25 to 44, are a driving force in the radically transformed housing market - far beyond their numbers relative to millennials and Baby Boomers (who are increasingly drawn to "55+" communities) - and young, single women are providing much of the momentum to the trend.

Over 40 years after the rise of the Women's Movement of the late '60's and into the '70's, there are tangible, substantive indications that American society is finally - and still all too slowly - beginning to give young women the opportunity to experience the joy and liberation that women have campaigned for and always deserved.   









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