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ZPG / Zero Population Growth - The Vital Issue of Global Population - Part II


For much of the world, standards of living and life expectancy increase as family size and birth rates decline. Women are infinitely more free to chart their own course in life as they marry later, have fewer children and seek careers beyond childbearing and housework. 

A growing, critical imbalance between increasing population numbers and finite vital life sustaining resources has given rise to a blizzard of reports - from Cornell University, the United States Geological Society, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and others - that indicate alarming threats to the capacity of : Fresh Water - / Air Quality - / Food - / Land Use - / Energy Resources - / Fertiliser - / The Balance in the Distribution of Wealth and Opportunity - / Quality of Education - / Quality of Life in Urban Centres - / Forests - / Species Survival - / Quality of Life for Infants - / Quality of Life for Children - / Epidemic and Pandemic - Disease Control and Prevention - / Living Conditions - / Crime Control - / Containing Terrorism Threats - / Control of Drug Use - / Degree of Personal Freedom - / Political Concord and Harmony.

Given the momentum of conditions - with an impact upon every aspect of life throughout the planet - all of the data indicate that only a massive intervention - manifesting itself as a Global Initiative to thoroughly and massively intervene, using every available means of technology in Communication, Restoration, Preservation, Family Planning, Women's Rights, Urban Planning, Mass Transportation, Responsible Agriculture, Energy Planning and Conservation/ Alternative Energy Development, Education, Greater Respect and Understanding of the Law - both Natural and Codified, Greater Love and Knowledge of Other Species, Greater Respect for Youth, Greater Attention to and Respect for the Wisdom of Elders and Greater Concerted Global and National Political Action - arising from heightened consciousness and thorough, effective Plans and Programmes - can give rise to hope for the future of the planet - our Earth - a fragile blue / green / white / brown ball, spinning in an infinite sea of galaxies and universes.    


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