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About Us

FLOWERPOWERCREATIVE.com is a multi-platform, solution-oriented, interactive website, structured - in a universe of creativity and concepts - to promote Forums for dialogue and so provide people with the energy and focus to power the momentum of solutions.

FLOWERPOWERCREATIVE.COM's  5 Platforms - POLITICS / MUSIC AND FINE ARTS / WOMEN'S RIGHTS / ENVIRONMENT / TECHNIQUES - address topics that are vital in their immediacy and timeless in their essence.

Co-Founders Douglas Levison - CEO/CREATIVES - and Neil Chaimas - MUSIC EDITOR/CONCEPTUAL ADVISOR - derive their insight and inspiration from the massive wave of social change - along with the explosion of creative expressions - of the 1960's generally, and the genius - musical and lyrical - of the Beatles in particular.

DOUGLAS LEVISON's background embraces Visual and Graphic Arts -  NYU Film Programme / School of Visual Arts, New York / DCTV-NYC / Academy of Art College, San Francisco - including Film, Computer Graphics, Video, Photography and Drawing. Mr. Levison also studied Political Science, History, Sociology, Cinema and Art at the University of California, Berkeley and at Clark University.

NEIL CHAIMAS has pursued his passion for music at workshops with Jazz legend Barry Harris, at the New York School of  Commercial Music and at events sponsored by Swing University/Jazz at Lincoln Centre - hosted by eminent Jazz History icon Phil Schaap / WKCR-FM - Columbia University Radio and Rutgers University Institute of Jazz Studies.

Mr. Chaimas earned a BA in Psychology at Clark University, which included studies in Biochemistry, Genetics, and Creative Writing, followed by Postgraduate Research in Psychobiology at Clark that led to a breakthrough in the application of NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) - which allowed for behavioural recovery subsequent to brain damage.

The vision of FLOWER POWER CREATIVE.com is contributive to a world of greater peace, harmony and understanding - based upon the actualisation of the fullest communication of concepts and creativity.  





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