Celebration of the '60's Video



Celebration of the '60's Video

Flower Power Creative Presents: Sounds & Scenes of the '60's

The theme of this trip through the '60's - a wave of sounds, colours, concepts, images and impressions - is music, peace and love.

The magic of the '60's lives on.

President Kennedy's inspiration of a new generation - around the world - is mirrored in the enthusiasm and determination ignited by President Obama now.

Martin Luther King's articulation of the rights of all people to live in freedom and justice is reflected most dramatically - in today's world - in the heroism and triumph of Nelson Mandela.

The Beatles were the vanguard of an astonishing kaleidoscope of creative expression and social liberation that arose in the  '60's and can still be discovered and experienced here and now.

Welcome to this celebration of a most extraordinary time.

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