Alternative Energy

The Peabody Ducks Inspire Love Of Wildlife

The legendary Peabody Ducks are beloved - and world renowned - for their fabulous March Of The Ducks to and from the Lobby of the iconic Peabody Hotel...

Laser - Quantum Leap in Light

LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation ...

Earth Day / 40 - Hope and History

The 40th Anniversary celebration of Earth Day presents another opportunity to reaffirm the goals of the global environmental movement in the context...

The Clermont - Robert Fulton's Dream of Steam

Robert Fulton's dream of steam-powered transportation ...

High Speed Rail - The World and America's Needs

The ever-increasing challenge for the world to continue its progression into an era of super-efficient energy use / the need for the rapid development...

Wind Energy

Wind energy is actually a converted form of solar energy ...

Earth Day / 40th - Generations Celebrate

The 40th Anniversary celebration of Earth Day was an opportunity for generations around the world to gather together - celebrating progress made and...



 "I support the Creative Vision of Flower Power Creative in World Artists For Peace and...

Pattie Boyd



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'60's Wave

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The Beatles
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The Rolling Stones

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