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The Beatles - EMI Apple USB is the greatest, most exciting sonic breakthrough ever in the glorious history of their music. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) Technology provides 24 bit sound - available only on the EMI Apple USB - lifting the Beatles oeuvre into yet another amazing dimension and even superseding the magnificent Stereo and Mono Boxed Sets that were released 9/9/09.

An essential point is that the Beatles EMI Apple comes under the graceful auspice of The Beatles and EMI Music. Talks with Apple Computers continue on and on, with the Beatles remaining the last major group in the world to steadfastly hold out before their catalogue appears on iTunes. The Beatles and EMI have succeeded in providing millions of fans worldwide with an excellent alternative of the highest quality.

The Apple fits in your palm and comes in a delicious colour of Electric Green. Pull out the stem - the USB - plug into the port of your Mac or PC, and enter into a world of the finest catalogue of music, mini-documentaries to accompany every album, and the most striking artwork - original, along with bonus text and graphics. Every element of the experience has been digitally enhanced - to the max. 

The Read Me Folder refers users to 4 Music Services who provide FLAC Capability. We strongly recommend Songbird, which downloads quickly and smoothly, presenting a lovely menu of 452 Beatles Titles - 1/2 in FLAC Format and 1/2 for mp3. 

Released in a Limited Deluxe Edition of 30,000, the Beatles - EMI Apple USB is a delight for both the most devoted Beatles connaisseur and anyone else who wants to know - and love - the Beatles for their fullest variety of Creative Expression.  










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