D.C. "Bargain" - Rich Thrive / Poor Survive


The closest to a "bargain" that beleaguered Democrats - the President and members of Congress - could devise with intransigent conservative members of their political opposition was a legislative accommodation in which tax breaks will be extended to the wealthy as the price for allowing the long-term unemployed to receive continued payments vital to their very survival.

The astonishing reality is that, once again, voters in America have turned over the essential day to day decision making powers of government to a group of politicians who have made their total allegiance to the rich and powerful completely clear.

The effects of the threatened withholding of the extension of funds to the unemployed would have been calamitous.

Payments to those desperately seeking work not only allow them to live and carry on. These payments also serve to support the businesses - and jobs - of those who provide goods and services to the overall economy.

It is simply breathtaking that the quid pro quo of the new order in Washington is to keep up favours to those who have more than they could ever possibly use or need in order to stave off a renewed threat of near Depression that would result from punishing the poor and those unfortunate enough to have lost their jobs in the recent massive recession.

As the 2012 Campaign begins to gear up, the writing is fully on the wall for all those in need. : Good luck to those fighting for your rights, including your right to hope and survive. 

The question remains. : How long - this time around - will it take for the American electorate to wake up and vote to bring forth the changes the country so desperately needs ?







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