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FPC's "Splendid Time" Honours Beatles, Sid Bernstein, Sheatles


Flower Power Creative's Beatles 45 / Shea Stadium Celebration, held at Citi Field on Monday, 16 August, came together - in The Beatles' words - as  a "splendid time for all."

In addition to honouring The Beatles and their smashing, breakthrough concert at Shea Stadium - the largest live Musical Event to that point in history, with a crowd of 56,000, leading to 90,000 at Monterey Pop in 1967 and over 500,000 celebrating Peace, Love and Music at Woodstock in 1969 - FPC honoured dear friend Sid Bernstein - the music icon whose courage and vision in signing the Beatles, sight unseen / sound unheard and bringing them to America led to their performances at Carnegie Hall, "The Ed Sullivan Show", and Shea, and The Sheatles - the first all-female Beatles Tribute band - who were victorious in FPC's Battle Of The Beatles Bands at Ella Lounge in New York on 2 August.

The Sheatles were honoured for their victory to start the night rolling. The group were awarded a Photo Plaque by FPC co-founders Douglas Levison and Neil Chaimas, Sid Bernstein and Heather Collamore - Director of Metropolitan Hospitality at Citi Field. The Sheatles then blew the house  down with "Twist and Shout", the same song the Beatles had opened with at Shea in 1965. Other songs in their set included early Beatles classics such as "I Want To Hold Your Hand"  and "She Loves You",  with a segue to lead guitarist Mimi Boswell's show-stopping take on the "White Album" classic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".

Comments by FPC's co-founders on the meaning and impact of The Beatles at Shea were followed by a video featuring the Beatles' classic performance and the reaction of ecstatic fans at the concert.

The tribute to Sid Bernstein began with a video that expressed the love and respect that he has inspired from many, many famous figures in the world of music over the course of his legendary years as a promoter and manager. 

The emotional high point of the night was Sid's colourful, heartfelt comments after receiving his Photo Plaque - as Guest of Honour - from FPC. He brought the room to a powerful silence with his touching praise of wife Gerry, his family, all the wonderful people he's known and loved in music and of Flower Power Creative, for keeping the vibrancy and spirit of The Beatles alive.

The Event wound down with a performance  of  "Birthday"  - from the "White Album" - for Sid by The Sheatles, to celebrate his recent 92nd.

Celebrity Guests included May Pang - John Lennon's former personal secretary, Terry Sylvester - who replaced Graham Nash in the Hollies when Crosby, Stills and Nash were formed, and John Idan - bassist and vocalist with The Yardbirds.

The Celebration - at Citi Field's Delta 360 Sky Club - featured an 8 course vegan variety of dishes and 4 Beatle Themed "Mocktails", featuring exotic blends of juices and flavours.

The Event was organised and developed in association with Regan Communications, who provided an exciting dimension to the night with live social network coverage.










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