Hi, Tea - / November Split For Conservatives


Victories by Tea Party - supported candidates in final primaries that served as the opening to the General Election Campaign were a bright red flag, warning of a serious split in Republican and conservative ranks for 2010 and beyond.

The Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee announced that it would not contribute a red cent to the campaign of Tea Party / Sarah Palin backed Christine O'Donnell, who pulled off a stunning upset over former Governor, 9-term Congressman and Delaware family favourite Mike Castle in the Republican Senate primary in that state. Ms. O'Donnell - a perennial candidate who had never before won an election - ran from the Sarah Palin mould of hard right wing Republicans, winning with Tea Party turnout and a very low percentage of those eligible showing up to vote.

In New York, billionaire / hard right businessman Carl Paladino jolted long time political standby / moderate Republican Rick Lazio to win the Republican nomination to run for Governor - and lose by 2 to 1 in November - to Democrat Andrew Cuomo, the current NYS Attorney General and son of legendary former Governor Mario Cuomo.

The trend of Tea Party / hard right Republican women - headed by Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.), and now adding Senate hopefuls O'Donnell in Delaware and Sharron Angle (who is taking on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada) - represents a real and ongoing threat to Women's Rights and progressive social values - in America and around the world. Opposition to freedom of choice is only the opening salvo in an agenda to turn back the clock.

All broad discussion of vital issues is excellent for the democratic process. While the Republicans stand an excellent chance of regaining control of the House of Representatives (which serves to express momentary passions of the people) , their prospects for control of the Senate - and returning a President to the White House - will remain extremely remote, so long as their Party serves as a platform for Tea Party wing ignorance, fear and hate.






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