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John Lennon's 70th / NYC - Fab Faux "Night In The Life"


Fab Faux - in support of Yoko Ono's Spirit Foundation -  were musical hosts for A Night In The Life, New York's Official Celebration of John Lennon's 70th Birthday, at Radio City Music Hall.

The theme of the Concert was a tribute to "A Day In The Life" - the masterpiece that is widely considered to be the greatest song of the rock / pop genre, and one of the most evocative musical compositions of all time - that appeared on "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," The Beatles' finest album.

Fab Faux is derived from The Fab Four, an affectionate description of the Beatles in the early days of their world changing breakthrough. 

The Quarrymen - the original band in Liverpool in which John met Paul McCartney and George Harrison, leading to The Beatles - were honoured musical guests.

Will Lee is the dynamic, creative heart of Fab Faux. He has appeared on over 1,000 albums, with artists covering the full musical spectrum - Cyndi Lauper, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel, James Brown and The Bee Gees, to name just some. Will has been a bassist - with the CBS Orchestra, on The Late Show / David Letterman - for decades.

Will's commanding stage presence is complimented by Rich Pagano ( Drums / Vocals ), Frank Agnello  ( Guitar / Vocals ), Jimmy Vivino ( Guitar / Vocals ) and Jack Petruzzelli ( Keyboard / Vocals ) - seasoned musicians all.

The Creme Tangerine Strings, The Hogshead Horns and The Nutopia Choir - hand picked as accompanists by Fab Faux - were excellent as they wove through various songs in the set.

The Music Hall was packed with devotees of The Beatles, John and Fab Faux.

Fab Faux covered a very full range of songs by The Beatles and John :  "A Day In The Life" / "Strawberry Fields Forever" / "Because" / "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite" / "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" / "Nowhere Man" / "Paperback Writer" / "I Am The Walrus" / "Imagine" / "Instant Karma" / "Mother", with a smashing version of "Give Peace A Chance" as a finale.

The Quarrymen appeared about halfway into the Concert. Colin Hanton, Rod Davis and Len Garry - original band members and among John's oldest friends - highlighted their vibrant variety of songs with "Maggie Mae", the wonderful old Liverpool ditty that The Beatles had so much fun playing on "Let It Be."   

Fab Faux goes straight to the music. What you see is what you get. While some Beatles Tribute Bands try to replicate the Beatles look, Fab Faux gives the most important gift - the essence and spirit of the Beatles genius in sound and composition.

For those who love John, the Concert was a fabulous chance to remember him in the light of his music and his work for Peace - exactly as he would have wanted.







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