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Lessons From The Gulf - / New Visions For Energy And Ecology


As the Gulf begins both immediate and long term repair, renewal and restoration after the 3 month long spill, the most important lesson to be learned in the wake of the devastation is that the time has long since arrived for heightened consciousness of the magnificence - and fragility - of the environment and the need for a rapid, concerted shift to Alternative Energy and Transportation.

Whatever margin that may ever have seemed to exist in allowing for mistakes, misperception, miscalculation and outright deception is now totally - and permanently -  wiped out. Only by rising up in very great numbers - with demands for real and meaningful change in the form of substantial Programmes for Alternative Energy and Transportation - can people the world over do justice, and honour, to the lives, wildlife and habitats so deeply affected by the cataclysm.

President Kennedy's Mission - landing an American on the moon and bringing him back safely by the end of 1969 - was accomplished with the energy, focus and determination of a highly skilled, superbly trained and talented team whose progress and success were supported by vast human and material resources, along with the will of the people.

Over 40 years since the triumphant Moon Landing, the compelling, competitive nature of events has once again brought the country - and the planet - to an infinitely important turning point in attitude, awareness and action.

A synthesis of leadership, government / industry collaboration and public support (born of full awareness of the stakes - and consequences - involved) must, soon and forever, result in the full, swift implementation of Solar and Wind Energy Projects and Facilities and Alternative Transportation (green vehicles and high speed rail) whenever and wherever development is humanly possible.

A restoration - and full gearing-up - of the great "can do" practice and spirit is the only answer for America - unto itself and as an example to the world.











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