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Lunar Delight / Live Stream Of The Total Eclipse

The Total Eclipse of The Moon was an awesome Cosmic Colour Show, made all the more enjoyable - and accessible - on a very cold night, via NASA's Live Stream of the progress and series of changes taking place over a number of hours.


Rock - And Scan - The Vote / NYC Meets The 21st Century

Voting can run in the blood, and a new technology to make the experience easier and even more fun is good for democracy's circulation. It was in 1960 - the year that I met John F. Kennedy when my father was co-chairman of JFK's presidential campaign in New York - that the city introduced the Shoup 3.2 lever Voting Machine, which was a faithful friend and servant in every election - until today.


Smartphones - Triumph In Traveling

Smartphones have rapidly made their way to the top of the "must have" list for people on the go. Personal and family travelers - along with people on business trips - have reaped enormous benefits from the many apps and services available on a variety of smartphones.


Beatles - EMI / Apple USB - Their Greatest Sound Ever

The Beatles - EMI Apple USB is the greatest, most exciting sonic breakthrough ever in the glorious history of their music. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) Technology provides 24 bit sound - available only on the EMI Apple USB - lifting the Beatles oeuvre into yet another amazing dimension and even superseding the magnificent Stereo and Mono Boxed Sets that were released 9/9/09.


Dolby Digital - State of the Art Sound

Dolby Digital - State of the Art sound.


Laser - Quantum Leap in Light

LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation ...


Victor Vasarely - Graphics Extraordinaire Part II

Vasarely in his prime - Folklore Planetaire ...


Victor Vasarely - Graphics Extraordinaire Part I

Victor Vasarely is considered to be the father of Op Art ...


Trees - Avatars of the Environment

The environmental - and social - benefits provided by trees are as vast as they are fascinating...


The Universe of Apps - Smart Phone Ingenuity

Apps add an infinite variety of choices on smartphones - mobile phones that are full-featured with all the functionalities of a computer. BlackBerry, iPhone and other smartphone users enter a universe of choices - for entertainment, amusement, edification and business.


U.S. / Russia Nuclear Accord - Bold New START

The signing by Presidents Obama and Medvedev of a new START (Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty) Accord between the United States and Russia - the most extensive agreement in over two decades - marks the next phase toward achieving the goal of global nuclear non-proliferation ...


I Say Hello

Welcome to FLOWER POWER CREATIVE - across the 5 Platforms - / POLITICS - MUSIC AND FINE ARTS - WOMEN'S RIGHTS - ENVIRONMENT - TECHNOLOGY - we fully believe give rise to an infinity of creativity, choices and concepts that are vital in their immediacy and timeless in their essence.

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 "I support the Creative Vision of Flower Power Creative in World Artists For Peace and...

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