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The Peabody Ducks Inspire Love Of Wildlife

The legendary Peabody Ducks are beloved - and world renowned - for their fabulous March Of The Ducks to and from the Lobby of the iconic Peabody Hotel in Memphis. The beautiful family of 5 ducks are loving friends who also serve as powerful allies in sending a message to raise the level of Environmental Awareness.


Lessons From The Gulf - / New Visions For Energy And Ecology

As the Gulf begins both immediate and long term repair, renewal and restoration after the 3 month long spill, the most important lesson to be learned in the wake of the devastation is that the time has long since arrived for heightened consciousness of the magnificence - and fragility - of the environment and the need for a rapid, concerted shift to Alternative Energy and Transportation.


ZPG / Zero Population Growth - The Vital Issue of Global Population - Part I

The world's population is increasing at a rate of 3 per second - rushing headlng toward 7 billion ...


The Clearwater - Guardian of the Hudson

The Hudson River sloop Clearwater (Inc.) was founded by the legendary folk singer Pete Seeger in 1966. The sloop is celebrated for its journeys and educational programmes on the Hudson River. In 1969, the Clearwater made its maiden voyage from a shipyard in Maine to South Street Seaport in New York.


Space Technology and Saving the Planet

Space technology and heightened environmental awareness.


Earth Day / 40 - Hope and History

The 40th Anniversary celebration of Earth Day presents another opportunity to reaffirm the goals of the global environmental movement in the context of the origins of rising consciousness about the vital cause of saving the planet ...


ZPG / Zero Population Growth - The Vital Issue of Global Population - Part II

For much of the world, standards of living and life expectancy increase as family size and birth rates decline...


Committing To Koalas

Kaolas - a symbol of the glory of Australia's wildlife ...


Monarch Butterfly - Winged Wanderer

The monarch is the best known of the North American butterflies, and is also a true citizen of the world...​


Trees - Avatars of the Environment

The environmental - and social - benefits provided by trees are as vast as they are fascinating...


The Clermont - Robert Fulton's Dream of Steam

Robert Fulton's dream of steam-powered transportation ...


Wind Energy

Wind energy is actually a converted form of solar energy ...


Earth Day / 40th - Generations Celebrate

The 40th Anniversary celebration of Earth Day was an opportunity for generations around the world to gather together - celebrating progress made and acknowledging challenges ahead.


I Say Hello

Welcome to FLOWER POWER CREATIVE - across the 5 Platforms - / POLITICS - MUSIC AND FINE ARTS - WOMEN'S RIGHTS - ENVIRONMENT - TECHNOLOGY - we fully believe give rise to an infinity of creativity, choices and concepts that are vital in their immediacy and timeless in their essence.

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 "I support the Creative Vision of Flower Power Creative in World Artists For Peace and...

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