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First Primaries / 2010 - Where's The (Tea) Party ?

Voting in the first Primaries of 2010 - in Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana - demonstrated a conspicuous absence of any indication of the influence of the Tea Party in Republican turnout.


Republicans & Fear - Back in Gear

The Republican Party is back to its "grand old" tradition of lies, hate, fear, acts of violence and intimidation ...


Burt's Bees - Environmental Consciousness in Style

Burt's Bees are even more beloved than they are ubiquitous ...


Theodore Roosevelt - Hero of American Conservation

Theodore Roosevelt brought a staggering portfolio to the cause of American Conservation ...


John Muir - Patron Saint of America's Environment

John Muir - patron saint of America's environment - has a legacy of letters, essays and books that have been read by millions...


Neil Chayet - "Looking At The Law" - And Life

For nearly 35 years, Neil Chayet has been a voice of clarity, compassion, balance and reason ...


Trees - Avatars of the Environment

The environmental - and social - benefits provided by trees are as vast as they are fascinating...


High Speed Rail - The World and America's Needs

The ever-increasing challenge for the world to continue its progression into an era of super-efficient energy use / the need for the rapid development and expansion of high-speed rail...


President Harry S. Truman - Miracle Man of Missouri / Part I

A quartet of political miracles epitomise the astonishing career of President Harry S. Truman ...


Marian Anderson - Queen of Songs and Civil Rights

The highlight of Marian Anderson's great career - and a defining moment in the earliest days of raising awareness on the issue of civil rights in America - was her performance on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC on Easter Sunday, 1939.


The Clearwater - Guardian of the Hudson

The Hudson River sloop Clearwater (Inc.) was founded by the legendary folk singer Pete Seeger in 1966. The sloop is celebrated for its journeys and educational programmes on the Hudson River. In 1969, the Clearwater made its maiden voyage from a shipyard in Maine to South Street Seaport in New York.


I Say Hello

Welcome to FLOWER POWER CREATIVE - across the 5 Platforms - / POLITICS - MUSIC AND FINE ARTS - WOMEN'S RIGHTS - ENVIRONMENT - TECHNOLOGY - we fully believe give rise to an infinity of creativity, choices and concepts that are vital in their immediacy and timeless in their essence.

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 "I support the Creative Vision of Flower Power Creative in World Artists For Peace and...

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