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Women And Wal-Mart - / The Fight For Rights

Women will, once again, deal with issues of equal pay and opportunities for promotion - vital to their rights - in a class-action suit against Wal-Mart that has now reached the Supreme Court.


Women And The Pill / 50 Years Of Liberation

The 50th Anniversary of the introduction of The Pill, an extremely effective - and liberating - form of birth control for women, is cause for both celebration and reflection.


TIME's 25 Most Powerful Women Of The Past Century

TIME's Mobile app provided a delightful survey of the 25 Most Powerful Women Of The Past Century. Women's Rights were very smoothly brought forth in a most modern and highly accessible modality.


Moynihan's Vision - / Women's Equality, Higher Education And Leadership

Daniel Patrick Moynihan's vision of women's equality, higher education and America's need to provide greater leadership opportunities to women resonates to this second.


Ines Sainz / New York Jets - Drawing The Line

The uproar ensuing from some 'frat boy" behaviour in the direction of TV Azteca / Mexico "reporter" Ines Saintz - who arrived at a New York Jets workout in highly provocative, ultra-tight shirt and jeans - is totally unacceptable, but does exist within a context.


19th Amendment At 90 / Women Watch and Wait

Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the adaptation of the 19th Amendment - granting women the right to vote after decades of struggling for equal rights - modern American women still face enormous challenges in their daily lives.


Katie Holmes - / Glamour And Liberation

Katie Holmes expresses a fusion of the freedom enjoyed by today's women with glamour thast transcends time and trends. She has achieved balance between starring roles on stage, screen and television and coming home to beautiful daughter Suri and heart-throb husband Tom Cruise.


Jennifer Aniston - Best Friend

Jennifer Aniston possesses a most rare and remarkable blend of inner and outer beauty ...


Valentina Tereshkova - First Woman in Space / Part I

With human space exploration moving to private ventures,Valentina Tereshkova's courage - stunning the world when, on 16/6/1963, she broke through to become the first woman in space - is all the more remarkable.​


Valentina Tereshkova - First Woman in Space / Part II

Following her gloriously successful mission, Valentina studied at Zhukovsky Air Force Academy ...


Katharine Graham – Heroine of Watergate Part I

Katharine Graham’s cool leadership and steady hand at the helm of the Washington Post were absolutely vital in: Reporting – and with revealing the full measure of the threat to American democracy – of the Watergate break-in at Democratic National Committee Headquarters in Washington, D.C. (17/6/72).​


Katharine Graham – Heroine of Watergate Part II

Threats were made to Mrs. graham's personal safety ...


Women Power Home Purchasing Wave - Rising Tide of New Freedom

Astonishing - and long overdue - socio-econmic progress by young, single contemporary American women in their rising home purchasing power ...


Tracey Ullman - Multi-Dimensional

The multi-talented, dynamic, boldly humourous Tracey Ullman has always charted her own creative course.​


Family Leave / Workplace Flexibility - America's Next Step

President Obama's recent signing of the Workplace Flexibility Act is the next step in America's progress toward greater equality for women in the workplace ...

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