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Nowhere Man, please listen !

The stalemate over the ongoing debt ceiling debacle is yet the latest example of President Obama's lack of leadership and vision. He has once again shape shifted into the shapeless mass at the centre of the classic Beatles song. He is everything, yet nothing at all.

John Lennon wrote  :  "Nowhere Man, the world is at your command."  Lennon's befuddled muse shares a number of character flaws with our current Commander-in-Chief. Both are aloof and lack the laser-guided focus to complete the most important tasks.

Therefore, the Nowhere Man occupying the Oval Office  -  "Knows not where he's going to."  However, he isn't  "a bit like you and me".

His supreme confidence despite any semblance of managerial skill has allowed him to thumb his nose at the very people who carried him into office. Having lost touch with his base - Young People / Minorities / First Time Voters / Working And Middle Classes / Women - President Obama has left himself vulnerable to the intractable opposition from right-wing hardliners and a growing bloc of conservatives who continually exploit his shallowness, naivety and arrogance to create an environment that has left him weak and marginilised. 

By failing to play a pro-active role in the righting of America's economic ship, President Obama has become - in John Lennon's words - "as blind as he can be, just sees what he wants to see, making all his nowhere plans for nobody."







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