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Rembrandt - Master of the Dutch Golden Age


Rembrandt (van Rijn) stands at the apex of the Dutch Golden Age - late Renaissance / into the 1600's - as a master of painting, etching and drawings.

The most stunningly beautiful aspect of his works - whatever their particular modality and element of illustration - is his use of chiaroscuro, the theatrical employment of light and shadow. (Caravaggio had established the technique in the late 16th century). In all aspects of his creative expressions - self-portraits throughout much of his life, his many commissioned portraits, biblical and other life scenes and landscapes - Rembrandt's magical use of soft, clear light propels the totality of his visual genius into a most special, intriguing dimension.

Despite great upheavals in his personal life and financial circumstances, Rembrandt remained steadfast in his dedication to - and execution of - magnificent art.

His finest paintings include :  "The Night Watch"   -  "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholaes Tulp"  -  "The Syndics of the Clothmakers Guild"  -  "The Landscape with Good Samaritan"  -  "Man in a Golden Helmet"  and "The Philosopher in Meditation".

Rembrandt's etchings and drawings cover many self-portraits, landscapes and biblical scenes, including : "Virgin and Child with a Cat"  - "Suzannah and the Elders"  -  "The Hundred Guilder Print" ( a biblical scene/title alluding to price paid)  -  "The Flight into Egypt:Crossing a Brook"  - "View of Amsterdam from the Northwest"  and "The Windmill".

Rembrandt's house in Amsterdam - now the Rembrandt House Museum - is a marvelous monument to his expansive oeuvre, and a place that provides great opportunity for people who have seen - and loved - his works all over the world to come together in an even more full appreciation of the roots of his sensitivity and genius. 





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