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Sean Lennon And Charlotte / "Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger" At Nublu


Sean Lennon and companion Charlotte hosted "Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger" - a marvelous night of music at Nublu, on Avenue C.

Sean was overflowing with grace and good humour, his wonderful way of carrying on the creative flow of his iconic parents - immortal Beatle John Lennon and world renowned conceptual artist Yoko Ono.

Sean's level of musicianship - beautiful vocals and acoustic guitar throughout a generous, extended set - was excellent, drawing applause and deep love from the joyous audience at a very full Nublu.

Charlotte - Sean's inamorata and a former model - displayed remarkable musical and vocal versatility, playing flute, mini-keyboard, accordion and accompanying guitar and bringing a delicious lilt to every song.

The couple sang like a couple of young lovebirds, touching the audience with laughter, sighs and fine insights.

Their songs embraced an intriguing range of topics and concepts : "Lavender Road" ( Romance ), "Jardin Du Luxembourg" ( The wistfulness of Paris ) , "Dark Matter, White Noise"  ( Space / Time and The Universe ), "Rainbows In Gasoline" ( Zen - level abstract ) and "The World Was Made For Men" ( contemporary relationships ) as fine examples of some very lively and provocative creative expression.

Sean said that he and Charlotte embraced the audience as friends, and their warmth and time spent with the audience - on either side of their performance - fulfilled his kind words.

Deepest Thanks - to Sean, who greeted Flower Power Creative's Doug Levison and Neil Chaimas as family, to Mr. Lionheart - for solid performances on horn in a number of songs and to Pinar and Petrus at Nublu, for their great heart and hospitality as hosts.










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