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Space Technology and Saving the Planet


To be sure, the moon landing (1969) can be seen as the fulfillment of the human desire to explore and as a triumph of America's technology and "can do" spirit.

In all the years since that magnificent achievement, the great issue remaining is the utilisation of innovations developed for space that can preserve and protect the planet - improving the quality of life.

Intelligence data gathered from satellites is now being used to monitor environmental situations and conditions all over the world. Experiments performed in space have contributed great insights in such fields as Botany, Biology and Energy Efficiency.

Images of  "Earthrise" - taken from the moon - and other still and moving pictures have cultivated a greatly enhanced perspective of the role of people on Earth and Earth's place in the cosmic /universal order. Missions to the far-flung reaches of the galaxy - and beyond - are now a natural part of the scientific agenda.

The huge remaining challenge is - and will be - the ability to synthesise the infinite amount of data gathered from so many streams and sources to develop solutions to the issues of population, environmental integrity, a greater understanding of Earth"s strengths and sensitivities and the need for greater understanding and cooperation among the people and nations of the world.






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