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The Beatles On iTunes - A New Wave For Generations Worldwide


The Beatles arrival on iTunes - Apple Computer's Music Service -  after years of legal action and negotiations, opens a new wave of their Classical Creative Expressions to generations worldwide.

The biggest winners are the devotees of iTunes, which dominates the Music Download Market with over 80% share of modern music lovers all over the world.

Every computer - and many other portable and mobile devices - can now have access to the full oeuvre of Beatles masterpieces.

The Beatles were virtually the last major band of consequence to become available on iTunes. Apple Records / EMI released a superior to iTunes quality collection of all the Beatles music in an adorable palm sized "little Green Apple" in late 2009, which served as motivation for Apple Computers to come to terms with the Beatles as to access on iTunes.  

Years of delay resulted from legal wrangling, starting with a huge dispute over the use of the name Apple ( which the Beatles had developed for their music - and associated products and marketing - in 1968 ) and continuing over the major issue of pricing per each Beatle song, album and collection.

At last - with prices per Beatle song at the very top tier ( $1.29 / $150- for last year's Boxed Set ) the conclusive stroke of making the greatest music of the 20th century accessible to those who have venerated the Beatles for years - and to new generations who will come to learn about, and love, them has been accomplished.    




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