The Clearwater - Guardian of the Hudson


The Hudson River sloop Clearwater (Inc.) was founded by the legendary folk singer Pete Seeger in 1966. The sloop is celebrated for its journeys and educational programmes on the Hudson River. In 1969, the Clearwater made its maiden voyage from a shipyard in Maine to South Street Seaport in New York. 

The Clearwater, Pete Seeger and supporters gained national recognition for determined activism - starting in the 1970's - to force GE and other companies to clean up PCB contamination caused by industrial manufacturing. 

The organisation has also focused on development pressures in the southern Hudson Valley, pesticide runoff, the West Side waterfront in Manhattan, Indian Point nuclear reactors and dredge soil disposal in New York / New Jersey Harbour. 

Recently, Clearwater was vital in promoting the EPA's decision to compel further PCB cleanup and restoration in a vital area of the Hudson. Pete Seeger was named a Clean Water Hero for his infinite devotion to holding polluters responsible in restoring America's waterways, making the Clean Water Act one of the most successful environmental laws in the nation.

Educational programmes range from the freshwater streams of the Adirondacks to the salt tides of the Atlantic around New York City. The Clearwater - and sister ship Mystic Whaler - run environmental and educational seminars to school groups on river biology and protection of waterways environments, sailing from New York to Albany. 

As guardian of the Hudson, the Clearwater stands as a beacon light and gathering point for all who are committed to better, safer waters and a higher quality of life.




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