Victor Vasarely - Graphics Extraordinaire Part II


Vasarely in his prime (1955-1965) - / FOLKLORE PLANETAIRE - Permutations and Serial Art arise in the wake of Vasarely patenting his method of Unites Plastiques. Starting with a clearly defined roster of colours and forms, he works with assistants to present infinite variations - Serial Art. FOLKLORE PLANETAIRE is the culmination of these Modalities in a public presentation.

HOMME a L'HEXAGONE, VEGA (1965) - / Vasarely creates a perpetual mobile of Optical Illusion and is included in The Museum of Modern Art's Exhibition - "The Responsive Eye". Now firmly established in the eyes of the world, he furthers his influence in New York with a presentation at the VISION '67 Conference - held at New York University.

Vasarely Museum (1970) - / Vasarely opens his first dedicated Museum, at a Renaissance Palace in Gordes (France) - featuring over 500 works. (The Museum closes in 1991.)

Foundation Vasarely (1976) - / In Aix-en-Provence. Inaugurated by French President Georges Pompidou. (The Foundation is now in need of elements for major restoration.)  Vasarely's Large Kinetic Object - entitled "Georges Pompidou" - is installed at Centre Pompidou, in Paris, the same year - and a second Vasarely Museum, located his birthplace of Pecs, Hungary is established - with Vasarely making a large donation of his works.

Seriographs (1982) - / 154 specially created crafted pieces fly into space with Cosmonaut Jean-Loup Chretien on board the French/ Soviet Salyut 7. The works are later sold to benefit UNESCO - the United Nations Cultural and World Heritage Organisation.

2nd Hungarian Vasarely Museum (1987) - / Zichy Palace in Budapest is the home of over 400 works.

Vasarely is honoured with 4 major Awards :  The Guggenheim Prize - 1964 - / France's Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur - 1970 - / Art Critic's Prize - Brussels and The Gold Medal of the Milan Triennielle prior to his passing (15/3/1997). 






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