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Wind energy is actually a converted form of solar energy, because of day/night and topographical differentials that cause portions of the atmosphere to warm differently. Wind is the result of hot air rising as cooler air is drawn in to replace it.

When air is in motion its kinetic energy can be converted into other forms of mechanical force or electricity for practical use. Most wind turbines use a horizontal axis (propeller style).

The sight of wind farms has become increasingly familiar - throughout the United States and around the world. Technology has gone far beyond the beloved old windmills of Holland, historic towns and cities, charming farms and the countryside.

Wind turbines have now taken a quantum leap in both their size and capacity to feed into utility power lines (the grid).                                                       As a result : Denmark is up to 20% - highest of any country. - The US has now passed Germany, adding more wind energy to its grid than any other country. - China has come in way ahead of its timetable and has more than doubled their capacity each year. - India is now ranked #5 in the world, and has held a major World Wind Energy Conference in New Delhi. - Mexico, Brasil, France, Canada and South Africa have all developed ambitious programmes for wind power, including many incentives.

Beyond profound environmental considerations, the socio-economic and political implications and impact of wind energy research and development must be fully taken into account.  

Wind power - with negligible environmental effects and ever-increasing efficiency of delivery - stands as a magnificent alternative and solution for a world looking to new answers and resources of supplying energy.




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