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Katharine Graham – Heroine of Watergate Part I

Katharine Graham’s cool leadership and steady hand at the helm of the Washington Post were absolutely vital in: Reporting – and with revealing the full measure of the threat to American democracy – of the Watergate break-in at Democratic National Committee Headquarters in Washington, D.C. (17/6/72).​


Katharine Graham – Heroine of Watergate Part II

Threats were made to Mrs. graham's personal safety ...


Women Power Home Purchasing Wave - Rising Tide of New Freedom

Astonishing - and long overdue - socio-econmic progress by young, single contemporary American women in their rising home purchasing power ...


The Triumph of Al Franken

Al Franken was sworn in as the Junior United States Senator from Minnesota on 7 July, 2009 - 248 days after the 4 November, 2008 elections.


The European Union and the Euro - True Accord ?

Political, socioeconomic and cultural issues with the Euro zone.


ZPG / Zero Population Growth - The Vital Issue of Global Population - Part I

The world's population is increasing at a rate of 3 per second - rushing headlng toward 7 billion ...


The Clearwater - Guardian of the Hudson

The Hudson River sloop Clearwater (Inc.) was founded by the legendary folk singer Pete Seeger in 1966. The sloop is celebrated for its journeys and educational programmes on the Hudson River. In 1969, the Clearwater made its maiden voyage from a shipyard in Maine to South Street Seaport in New York.


Space Technology and Saving the Planet

Space technology and heightened environmental awareness.


Tracey Ullman - Multi-Dimensional

The multi-talented, dynamic, boldly humourous Tracey Ullman has always charted her own creative course.​


Britain's Elections Swing - / Masterpiece Theatre of Politics and Power

Britain's 2010 Elections left the question of who would form the next Government a complete mystery, as the voters chose to keep currently governing Labour, main opposition Conservatives and gadfly Liberal Democrats short of the 326 seats (of 650) needed to form a Majority Government.


Alicia de Larrocha - Spanish Passion

Alicia de Larrocha was a 20th century Spanish classical pianist possessed of extraordinary powers of passion and precision. She is best known for her transparent interpretations of the Spanish composers Isaac Albeniz, Enrique Grenados, Manuel de Falla and Frederico Mompou.


The Beatles Go Solo / 40 - Think For Yourself

The recent widespread interest in reports of the 40 year mark since Paul McCartney's official announcement that the Beatles were moving on to pursue careers as solo artists is further proof of the group's endless influence - across the world and transcending generations ...


Supreme Court Breakthrough / Elena Kagan - 3 Women On The Bench

The nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court by President Obama is a breakthrough in social values and jurisprudence. When she ascends to the Court, the event will mark the first time in history that there will be 3 women seated on the bench.


U.S. / Russia Nuclear Accord - Bold New START

The signing by Presidents Obama and Medvedev of a new START (Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty) Accord between the United States and Russia - the most extensive agreement in over two decades - marks the next phase toward achieving the goal of global nuclear non-proliferation ...


First Primaries / 2010 - Where's The (Tea) Party ?

Voting in the first Primaries of 2010 - in Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana - demonstrated a conspicuous absence of any indication of the influence of the Tea Party in Republican turnout.

Results: 106 Article(s) Found.



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