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Fab Faux At The State Theatre / Beatles In Full Measure

The Fab Faux Concert - at The State Theatre in New Brunswick - was considerably more expressive of the group's dedication to, and skills in evoking the full oeuvre of, The Beatles than their recent John Lennon / 70th Birthday Tribute at Radio City Music Hall in New York.


What Would John Want ? / 2 Sides To His 70th

John Lennon's 70th Birthday inspires global celebration and reflection. The day serves as a reminder of what John stood for - Peace, Music, Love and Charity.


Conn. U.S. Senate / "Wrestling With The Truth"

Connecticut's U.S. Senate race has turned into a showdown of "wrestling" with the truth.


Meditating Musicians / TM And Great Artists

Some of the most talented and influential musical artists of the modern era - starting but far from ending with The Beatles - learned TM ( Transcendental Meditation ).


John Lennon's 70th / NYC - Fab Faux "Night In The Life"

The Fab Faux - in support of Yoko Ono's Spirit Foundation - were musical hosts for A Night In The Life, New York's Official Celebration of John Lennon's 70th Birthday, at Radio City Music Hall.


Democrats Rally In Midterm Races

Democrats - candidates and voters alike - are beginning to rally in the final weeks before the midterm elections.


JAMES - / Britain's Best Rocks NYC

JAMES - Britain's top band - blasted into New York, taking an ecstatic crowd at packed Webster Hall on a rocking musical voyage of unity, rhythm and emotion.


Moynihan's Vision - / Women's Equality, Higher Education And Leadership

Daniel Patrick Moynihan's vision of women's equality, higher education and America's need to provide greater leadership opportunities to women resonates to this second.


Ines Sainz / New York Jets - Drawing The Line

The uproar ensuing from some 'frat boy" behaviour in the direction of TV Azteca / Mexico "reporter" Ines Saintz - who arrived at a New York Jets workout in highly provocative, ultra-tight shirt and jeans - is totally unacceptable, but does exist within a context.


Hi, Tea - / November Split For Conservatives

Victories by Tea Party - supported candidates in final Primaries that served as the opening to the General Election Campaign were a bright red flag, warning of a serious split in Republican and conservative ranks for 2010 and beyond.


Rock - And Scan - The Vote / NYC Meets The 21st Century

Voting can run in the blood, and a new technology to make the experience easier and even more fun is good for democracy's circulation. It was in 1960 - the year that I met John F. Kennedy when my father was co-chairman of JFK's presidential campaign in New York - that the city introduced the Shoup 3.2 lever Voting Machine, which was a faithful friend and servant in every election - until today.


Sept. 11 - 9 Years On / 3 Blocks Away

9 years later, and September 11th arrives bright, sunny and mild - blue sky identical to the one of the morning when the world changed forever.


Smartphones - Triumph In Traveling

Smartphones have rapidly made their way to the top of the "must have" list for people on the go. Personal and family travelers - along with people on business trips - have reaped enormous benefits from the many apps and services available on a variety of smartphones.


The Peabody Ducks Inspire Love Of Wildlife

The legendary Peabody Ducks are beloved - and world renowned - for their fabulous March Of The Ducks to and from the Lobby of the iconic Peabody Hotel in Memphis. The beautiful family of 5 ducks are loving friends who also serve as powerful allies in sending a message to raise the level of Environmental Awareness.


Memphis Music Marathon

The air in Memphis is so saturated with music that you literally breathe in the sounds. It has been observed that the Mississippi Delta begins in the Lobby of The Peabody Hotel. In the fountain at the centre of the Lobby at The Peabody, the world renowned Peabody Ducks sing and play. Across the street, a very hip cat wails the blues and rocks - all afternoon long - in front of Auto Zone Park.

Results: 106 Article(s) Found.



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