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TIME's 25 Most Powerful Women Of The Past Century


TIME's Mobile app provided a delightful survey of the 25 Most Powerful Women Of The Past Century. Women's Rights were very smoothly brought forth in a most modern and highly accessible modality. 

Among the pioneers, scholars and heroines discussed in full - and edifying - detail were Corazon Aquino, Martha Stewart, Marie Curie, Jane Addams, Rachel Carson, Hillary Clinton and Julia Child.

As leaders in such wide-ranging fields as Environment, Politics, Women's and Human Rights, Science and The Arts, the women in TIME's survey reach out across history and areas of life to create a whole infinitely greater than the sum of their parts.

These brave and brilliant women also serve as beacon lights - and ongoing inspiration - to women of all generations, and as examples to women all over the world.

Women still have a very long road to travel in their efforts to gain and maintain equal rights in every area of life. The TIME survey is a source of hope that heightened awareness of women's achievements - and their challenges - in the mainstream media, and - so - in the public arena, will lead to more and better in the coming days and years. 





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