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Women will, once again, deal with issues of equal pay and opportunities for promotion - vital to their rights - in a class-action suit against Wal-Mart that has now reached the Supreme Court.

The suit has its origins in a 2001 action that was taken against Wal-Mart by Betty Dukes, a  "greeter" at a Pittsburg, California  ( outside of San Francisco ) store. She and 5 other women claimed discrimination in pay and promotions, seeking to represent Wal-Mart employees nationwide.

The U.S. Court of Appeals / 9th Circuit, which includes Northern California in its jurisdiction, upheld a trial judge's certification ( 4/2004 ) of the class.

A class certification allows for a collective suit on behalf of those with a grievance who are - or were - employed at any of Wal-Mart's 3,400 U.S. stores. The number of members of the class will range from 500,000 to over 1.5 million.

The Impact Fund - based in Berkeley, Cal. and representing Betty Dukes and all the other women in the class - urged the Supreme Court to allow the 9th Circuit's designation of a class ( by a 6-5 decision ) to stand.

The decision - by a now quite business friendly Supreme Court - to review the class certification may well be a most unfortunate sign for women in their continuing struggle for full equality in the workplace.

Had the class certification by the 9th Circuit been allowed to stand, the case would have proceeded with full momentum.

Should the Supreme Court vacate the class certification, the women in the class will have their case totally vacated - a major victory for big business, the wealthy, and those who see women as work and consumption units - with women's rights taken off of the arc of consideration.

Back to the ongoing question. :  What will it take for American voters to wake up and vote for representatives - in all levels and phases of government - who will fully, truly serve the rights of those who are most in need ? 






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