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Britain's Best / Timeless Treasures

Britain is a magnificent land of timeless treasures that represent every aspect and period of Creative Expression.


George Gershwin - American Rhapsody

George Gershwin - a 20th century American classical composer, popular songwriter and pianist - marked the entrance of America into the serious classical music world. He was the first to integrate the rhythms and feel of African-American derived blues and jazz into the popular and classical genres.


Lunar Delight / Live Stream Of The Total Eclipse

The Total Eclipse of The Moon was an awesome Cosmic Colour Show, made all the more enjoyable - and accessible - on a very cold night, via NASA's Live Stream of the progress and series of changes taking place over a number of hours.


On To Marriage - Human Rights As "Don't Ask / Don't Tell" Ends

The doors now open for full marriage rights, in light of the final resolution in the political process ending the military's long-standing "Don't Ask / Don't Tell" policy toward those of alternative sexual orientations.


Women And Wal-Mart - / The Fight For Rights

Women will, once again, deal with issues of equal pay and opportunities for promotion - vital to their rights - in a class-action suit against Wal-Mart that has now reached the Supreme Court.


D.C. "Bargain" - Rich Thrive / Poor Survive

The closest to a 'bargain" that beleaguered Democrats - the President and members of Congress - could devise with intransigent conservative members of their political opposition was a legislative accommodation in which tax breaks will be extended for the wealthy as the price for allowing the long-term unemployed to receive continued payments vital to their very survival.


Women And The Pill / 50 Years Of Liberation

The 50th Anniversary of the introduction of The Pill, an extremely effective - and liberating - form of birth control for women, is cause for both celebration and reflection.


TIME's 25 Most Powerful Women Of The Past Century

TIME's Mobile app provided a delightful survey of the 25 Most Powerful Women Of The Past Century. Women's Rights were very smoothly brought forth in a most modern and highly accessible modality.


Democrats - Daunted For 2012

Democrats in much of the nation now face extremely daunting prospects - in light of the 2010 Midterm Elections debacle - as the race for the White House, and full control of Congress, begins in earnest for the 2012 Campaign.


People and Power - Politics as Mirror

People can exercise their power in the political process only if they are made aware of their rights, opportunities and obligations to do so ...


U.S. / Russia Nuclear Accord - Bold New START

The signing by Presidents Obama and Medvedev of a new START (Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty) Accord between the United States and Russia - the most extensive agreement in over two decades - marks the next phase toward achieving the goal of global nuclear non-proliferation ...


The Beatles On iTunes - A New Wave For Generations Worldwide

The Beatles arrival on iTunes - Apple Computer's Music Service - after years of protracted legal action and negotiations, opens a new wave of their Classical Creative Expressions to generations worldwide.​


Sean Lennon And Charlotte / "Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger" At Nublu

Sean Lennon and companion Charlotte hosted "Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger" - a marvelous night of music at Nublu, on Avenue C.


May Pang's Swinging 60th

Non-stop jams - featuring celebrity talent - and devoted friends were highlights in the celebration of May Pang's swinging 60th birthday.


RAIN'S Broadway Preview / A Night Of Beatles Magic

RAIN - a full tilt Beatles Tribute - arrived on Broadway, with the gift of a night of Beatles Magic.

Results: 106 Article(s) Found.



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